Registering in Home on Native Land: A Step By Step Guide

HI! We’re so excited that you’re here, and ready to learn about our Home on Native Land.

After three years of research and writing, 10 sassy video interviews with some of the smartest Indigenous lawyers in the country, and 21 graphic-novel-worthy cartoons, RAVEN’s new course on Indigenous justice is HERE!! Home on Native Land is as comprehensive as it is chatty, and as unflinching in its look into the horrors of Canadian history as it is encouraging about the ways we can work together to rebuild good relationships. 

Get Started

Go to

Click “Register” in the main menu, or scroll for the “I’m Ready” button on the home page.

A popup window will appear. Use the red panel to click “Register an Account”.

You will be directed to a registration page that prompts you to set a username, and password. This form also asks for your first and last name, so we know who we are talking to when we send notifications.

Click “Register” button and you will be redirected briefly to a message that says “Registration successful”, then another page loads which is the main landing page for enrolled students.

Almost there! Now, you need to click the red “Take this Course” button to get started.

Choose which lesson to start with from the list below, and start learning!

You should also receive a welcome email from Home on Native Land – this message has links to resources and reference pages, as well as links to our social media to share this course and join the conversation. Didn’t get it? Check your spam folder.

Pro tip: Bookmark this page for quick access to your course :

You can also login anytime by clicking “Go To Course” in the main menu.

Have an account, but still having issues?

What if you’re already registered, but you can’t access the course?

With the project still in our soft launch phase, many of you have experienced our growing pains first hand. Thank you for reaching out for our support when you could not access the course or reset a password.  We appreciate your patience with us as we work with our wonderful developers to make accessing Home on Native Land a smooth experience! 

To login, click the “Register” button in the main menu. Login with your username and password that you set originally. You can easily reset your password using the “Lost your password” link.

Once you’re logged in, you will land on the main landing page for enrolled students. You will still need to click the red “Take this Course” button to get started.

Now: you’re in, and you can start following the lessons in whatever order appeals to you!

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