Team and Credits

Production Team

 Executive Producer Susan Smitten
Production Manager Laurie Mackenzie
Graphic Designer Andrea Palframan
Co-developer, Producer, and Lead Consultant, Stories First Leena Minifie
Production Coordinator Della Haddock
Host Ryan McMahon
Writer Ryan McMahon
Production Assistant Levin Chamberlain
Indigenous Research Jenn Mackie
Video Editor D'Arcy Hamilton
Graphics D'Arcy Hamilton
Graphics Andrea Palframan

Guest Speakers

Lesson 1 Jeff Corntassel
Lesson 2 Gordon Christie
Lesson 3 Val Napoleon
Lesson 4 Karyn Pugliese
Lesson 5 Glen Coulthard
Lesson 6 Johnny Mack
Lesson 7 Dr James Makokis
Lesson 8 Kupki7 (Chief) Judy Wilson
Lesson 9 Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson
Lesson 10 John Borrows

Website and Course Design Team

Executive Producer Susan Smitten
Project Manager Laurie MacKenzie
Website Designer Andrea Palframan
Project Coordinator Levin Chamberlain
Curriculum Designer Dann McCann
Indigenous Curriculum Researcher Jennifer Mackie
Producer Leena Minifie
Project Consultant Jason Mogus
Project Coordinator Della Haddock
Grant Writer Josie Bannerman
Original Logo Art Mervin Windsor
Logo Designer John Velten
Comics Illustrator and Designer Warren Leonhardt

Home on Native Land was made in partnership with RAVEN and Stories First