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Join in conversation with leading First Nations thinkers, artists, and legal experts. This series of videos and lessons is essential knowledge for anyone who is committed to living in a fair country. If you are ready to open your mind and have a good laugh while you do it, jump in and explore “Home on Native Land”.

Let’s be fair: most of us didn’t learn this stuff in history class.  In a lighthearted, conversational and occasionally very funny series of videos, we’ll take a tour through the laws of this land we call Canada, and discover the good, the bad and the ugly about Indigenous-settler relationships.

This self-guided course involves:

10 video conversations with prominent Indigenous thinkers, scholars, and legal experts with host Ryan McMahon

• 10 lessons laying out the fundamentals of Treaty rights, the Indian Act, Constitutional rights, and environmental rights & Indigenous stewardship – with  illustrations

• Prompts for self-reflection and ways to initiate dialogue – at work, at school, or around the dinner table

We recommend you watch the videos first, and then dive into the text as you’’ll hear about concepts (and inside jokes) in the videos that are referred to later in the lessons.

Ready to uncover the myths, stories and ideas that are baked into the laws of this land?

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