It's time we put Truth before Reconciliation.

Like discovering a pair of mouldy skates in the corner of the basement, there's rot at the foundations of Canada. But are the injustices that have crept into our national institutions really a part of who we are? While we'll catch a whiff of ideas that have no place in the country we want to leave our children and grandchildren, we'll also reveal some surprisingly enlightened thinking within treaties, proclamations, and laws that — if we can live by them — offer a way forward to live in right relationship in Canada.

Whether you're a teacher, an activist, or just someone who wants to see better relationships between settlers and Indigenous Peoples, you'll find valuable information to help guide courageous conversations here. Through storytelling, interviews and some very funny reflections, this course will entertain, educate and — hopefully — change the way you think about 'our home on native land'.

If you are ready to open your mind and have a good laugh while you do it, jump in and explore "Home on Native Land".

Home on Native Land is a project of RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs. By joining forces with Indigenous leaders, we use the power of the crowd to fundraise for groundbreaking legal challenges protecting land, air and water for future generations.

RAVEN raises legal defence funds for Indigenous Peoples in Canada to defend their rights and the integrity of lands and cultures.

Guided by some of the most brilliant legal advisors in the country, we work to enshrine environmental justice for all. The law is clearly on the side of Indigenous peoples: their victories protect us all.